Movement Matters Workshop


“A method of teaching and learning by which human movement

can be more fully developed so that it not only is effective but
also can be maintained through most of life without incurring
the debilitating effects of premature wear and tear”
Lulu Sweigard.

We all use our bodies and can enhance our use, performance, awareness, thinking  and approach.

This work approaches moving from the inside out, where each individual can connect to themselves and others, learning crucial information about the body, and making new discoveries about our structure and habits; things that supports all aspects of movement. The main focus of the work is to develop our proprioception, and our ability to think-feel, to facilitate a deeper sense of body, movement, and space/time awareness, releasing tension, improving movement-coordination, range and body integration.

The work involves first tuning the body, becoming more aware, connecting to our centre and out to the periphery, working with gentle movement and directed attention to improve and enhance posture, ease of movement, and over-all body-movement functioning. We then explore ideas that are more physical, enhancing ones awareness of space and movement with others in time; inventing movement spontaneously, and developing our relationship to improvised composition.

The work utilises simple set exercises and improvised structures informed by Improvisation and Composition Studies, Modern and Post Modern Dance and Somatic Practices such as Feldenkrais Method, Ideo-Kinesis and Body-Mind-Centering. See the about page of this site for more information about Vincent's work, research interests and experience. 

"Movement is life, life is a process, improve the quality of the

process and you improve the quality of life itself”
Moshe Feldenkrais.